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Vegetarian Festival Thailand 2018

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♥ We all know that Thailand is one of the top destinations in the world. There are many fun festivals all year round, like the Songkran Festival in April , or the Loi Kratong Festival in November. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, perhaps you’d like to plan your vacations to Thailand around the Vegetarian Festival in October. The dates vary every year, but you can check with Thailand Tourism Authority before you plan your trip. For this year the dates are October 18th-17th.

♥ Vegetarian Festival Thailand 2018Vegetarian Festival Thailand 2018
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This is the sign that you have to look for when looking for restaurants that serve vegetarian food during the festival.

Vegan Fastival

There are more rules than not eating meat for this festival. Let’s get to them.

Avoid pungent vegetables.

The dishes are cooked without pungent vegetables, for example, garlic, green onion, chives..etc. It is believed that these vegetables could affect your emotions and state of mind, so it’s better to avoid them all together.


No products that derived from animals.


For example, no milk, cheese, honey, butter or animal oil. You can substitute dairy with soy milk, walnut milk, or pistachio milk.

 Avoid dishes that are too spicy or too salty.

This festival is not only about not eating meat, but also about your health. It’s believed that salty or spicy food is not good for your health. To cleanse your body during this festival, it’s better to eat moderately seasoned dishes.

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♪ Thanks for reading along! Happy Thailand Vegetarian Festival everyone! ♪
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